The simple act of being creative, meaning the act of expressing an original idea, helps to promote confidence and a feeling of self-worth for the creator(s). This is the principal reason why MBM develops programs that encourages each participant in the creative process, including the professional artists and musicians that we partner with. The one super power that we all have is to tell our own stories.


The "Sing Your Story" Project partners professional musicians with a group of survivors to compose the lyrics and music to their own original songs. Through group discussion, improvisational art and music activities, song analysis, and active listening, survivors explore their trauma through a different lens. They are given space to process what they are feeling and thinking, individually and collectively, in order to practice coping skills that focus on improving their quality of life. This project culminates in an intimate "by invitation only" concert, produced by survivors, where they sing their compositions along with a live band. 

MBM's curriculum is designed for all ages and backgrounds. This particular program is a year-round project, but can be adapted to shorter project periods depending on the needs of our partners. The shortest timeframe that we suggest is 16 weeks. 


MBM can work with groups of K-12 students either throughout the school day or in an after-school program. We partner with school counselors to present songwriting or poetry workshops to at-risk or traumatized youth. MBM incorporates hip hop and beat production into our school programs as a segue into learning different styles of music. School programs focus on healthy self-expression, self awareness, conflict resolution, and communication skills.

In addition to workshops, MBM also does interactive music performances and seminars for middle, high school, and college students to promote awareness of domestic and sexual violence. Our seminars are a creative way for students to learn prevention methods and get connected to local resources available on and off-campus. All school programs and seminars are age-appropriate.


MBM can provide individual or group music lessons to trauma-affected individuals of all ages in a friendly, safe, and supportive environment year-round.  Taught by professional musicians, participants will learn how to play an instrument of their choice along with music theory, improvisation, and repertoire of various genres. The Music Instruction program is an extension of the "Sing Your Story" Project using group percussion or guitar classes. The purpose of these workshops are to give participants space to express themselves without words being the focus. By focusing on sound, it allows participants to engage with themselves and each other


MBM provides free, arts-centered workshops that encourage communities to have healthy discussion surrounding "taboo" subjects, such as drugs, sexual violence, LGBTQ issues, domestic violence, gun violence, etc. These workshops are designed to incorporate community concerts into the discussions and time for attendees to converse with each other in an open and supportive environment. MBM partners with subject matter experts, local and state government, non-profits, schools, and community organizers/activists to ensure that the conversations are fact vs. theory-driven. The purpose of these workshops are to help communities develop preventative and/or support strategies.