​To use music and the creative process as a means of enriching the lives of individuals with trauma. MBM hopes to promote a dramatic shift in the way that survivors experience the recovery process while bringing public awareness to how these issues affect our families and communities.

​Trauma can change how survivors see themselves and society as a whole. MBM seeks to directly engage the public, through the arts, as a means of starting healthy discussions about domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, and individuals suffering from PTSD. By healing our individuals, we are, in turn, healing our communities.

​MBM helps communities understand and recognize trauma in order to develop appropriate responses to and support for traumatized individuals. We promote in depth communication within families and communities to develop a preemptive support strategy, creating a healthy community ecosystem that reduces instances of domestic and sexual violence.


​Tamara C. Williams, Founder and Director
Tamara C. Williams is a jazz vocalist and composer with expansive experience developing music programs with non-profit organizations, colleges, and universities. Prior to arts administration, Mrs. Williams volunteered with domestic violence and sexual assault organizations in the greater St. Louis area. Using spoken word poetry, she became a spokesperson and advocate for the prevention of violence against women, HIV/AIDS prevention, and recovery for substance abusers. In 2012, Mrs. Williams was recognized for her work with arts programs by receiving an award from the National Coalition of 100 Black Women as a Trailblazer in Arts and Culture.  She received her A.A. in English from Southwestern Illinois College; her B.A. in Music with an emphasis in Classical and Jazz Voice from Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville; and her M.M. in Jazz Studies from Michigan State University. Mrs. Williams founded Music Beyond Measure in January 2013 where she continues to promote the arts as an aid in trauma recovery for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, and individuals suffering from PTSD.
Dawn A. Hillman, Program Assistant
Dawn A. Hillman is a New Jersey native who finds her passion and flair in and through her artistic expression. A graduate of UCC with a degree in Liberal Studies, she showcased her first art exhibit, "A Voiceless Cry", in April 2015. Growing up, Dawn found it very difficult to express herself. She would find herself extremely frustrated, lacking the ability to articulate how she truly felt. However, she always knew that she had something meaningful to say. She discovered that she no longer had to be bound by the limitations of words. Her voice could be heard through the cries of a pencil, pad, paintbrush, or canvas. Dawn began working with MBM in 2016 as an intern. In May 2018, she will be graduating with her Bachelors degree in Psychology & Counseling from Pillar College. 
Dylan Hunter Chee Greene, Teaching Artist
Dylan Hunter Chee Greene creates, produces, and performs with Oracle Hysterical, the Willo Collective, and thread duo. As a percussionist, drummer, composer, and improviser, he has performed at venues such as Detroit Symphony Hall, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Brooklyn Academy of Music; with ensembles such as A Far Cry Chamber Orchestra, So Percussion, New Vintage Baroque, and New Music Detroit; for composers such as Matthew Aucoin, Gregory Spears, Dan Trueman, Elliot Cole, and Matt Sargent; and in collaboration with choreographers such as Rebecca Lazier, Amy Chavasse, and Christoper Williams. Dylan has shared stages with Olga Bell of the Dirty Projectors, Braids, Andrew Bernstein of Horselords, Jenny Hval, Caleb Burhans, and Brian Chase of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. His composition work for dance has been heard at venues such as Alvin Ailey and the Detroit Institute of Arts. 
Thea Flurry, Administrative Assistant
Thea Flurry grew up in New Jersey, and discovered early her need to communicate in addition to the joy that art can bring. She found her refuge in singing and sculpture. From there, Thea realized how effective art and communication intertwined, and discovered a deep seated drive to communicate and create. Following that drive, Thea studied communication, activism, and art, and graduated with a B.A. in English from Bryn Mawr College. Thea began working with Music Beyond Measure in January of 2018.


Music Beyond Measure is a registered 501c3 founded in 2013 by Tamara C. Williams. While pursuing her Masters degree in Jazz Studies, Tamara quietly started going to counseling for her own childhood trauma. Throughout the process, all of the emotions that she experienced made it's way into her compositions and arrangements. Not just the lyrics, but the melodies and orchestration. While on this journey, the only thing Tamara wished for were other survivors to go through the process with. After searching for arts-centered group therapy programs specifically made for trauma survivors, she was disappointed with the lack of availability. Tamara knew that she had to share this with other survivors, so she consulted with licensed social workers and developed MBM's "Sing Your Story" Project curriculum, which is designed to teach coping skills through active listening, improvisational activities, songwriting, group discussion, and singing.

In 2014, our pilot project took place in the South Bronx as part of NeON Arts, a partnership between Carnegie Hall's Weill Music Institute and the NYC Department of Probation. MBM was one of 11 organizations selected to work with probation clients and community members as a part of NeON Arts' inaugural year. Since then, MBM has worked with domestic violence shelter residents in partnership with the Urban Resource Institute's Urban Women's Safe Haven program; with sexual assault survivors in Jersey City, NJ with Christ Hospital's Hudson County Rape Crisis Center; with youth probation clients and community members in Harlem; with teen boys and girls between ages 13-17 as part of the Administration for Children's Services Close to Home program; and with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in partnership with D.O.V.E at New York Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center in Washington Heights. Currently, MBM is in residence with the D.O.V.E program and Children's Village in Dobbs Ferry, NY.